Sick Note Policy

August 27, 2013

It is the policy of Cutler Health/EMMC at the University of Maine not to give medical excuse documentation of illness for class or work absences. The only exception to this policy will be for illness or injuries that, after examination by the provider are determined severe and/or contagious posing a threat to the student or the community. This medical excuse policy is consistent with other universities and consistent with recommendations by the American College Health Association.

This policy will help Cutler Health Center/EMMC allocate resources toward providing the best health care access for all university community members. The practice of providing postdated medical excuse notes sends mixed messages to students about the appropriate use of healthcare resources.

We recognize that faculty may seek a means of determining when to excuse student absences. We believe this policy reinforces a student's responsibility to communicate directly and proactively with faculty about conditions that may interfere with classroom attendance and productivity. We encourage students to communicate with their professors/instructors if they are going to miss class for any reason.
If you have questions related to this policy, you may contact Cutler Health Center at 207-581-4000.