Ericca's Weight Loss Success Story

Ericc_web-small-(1).jpgThis is the year. The year I lose weight, eat better, exercise, and finally take care of myself. I first said those words more than15 years ago. I tried fad diets, protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, cutting carbs, calorie counting, and changing my exercise routine. While I was able to have some short term success nothing gave me sustainable results.

A lot has happened to me in the past 15 years. I became a nurse, married a great man, and have two beautiful girls. While I had success in other areas of my life, privately I struggled with my weight. In July 2014 I saw the advertisement for EMMC's Surgical Weight Loss seminar and I thought "Why not go and see what this program is all about?" I'm so glad I did. After attending the seminar I seriously started to consider weight loss surgery. With the comprehensive education available at the event, I was impressed, both as a patient and as a nurse. I knew that this program offered the structured support I'd need to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I decided this was my year.

Two months has passed since I had a sleeve gastrectomy with Michelle Toder, MD. I’ve lost 56 pounds since my surgery and I can’t begin to explain how fantastic I feel. The success I have found from losing weight has motivated me to take charge of my life. I'm reorganizing my priorities, making changes in how I take care of myself, how I eat, how I live, and most importantly, how I feel. I am excited to be a role model for my young girls and I take pride that family sees me as a motivated, happy, healthy woman. I didn’t realize when starting this process how much more it would change more than just what I see in the mirror.

The program through EMMC has been so supportive and very motivating. I'm not doing this alone and it feels good to know that there is so much help available to finally reach my goals. I've been very impressed and happy with every aspect of my care. The office visits, the hospital stay, and the postop care have been everything I've needed to help me succeed, and I am beginning to reclaim the life I deserve. I feel confident that with this program, I can finally gain the results I have always wanted. I’m proud to say this really is my year.

Ericca lives in Southern Maine and participated in Mercy Hospital’s partnership with EMMC Surgical Weight Loss. To learn more about qualifications for surgery, or to join a free Mercy Hospital information session, call 207-973-6383. Learn more about our information sessions.