Britt's Weight Loss Success Story

The story about my weight gain comes out of personal loss. After my divorce in 1998, as a single mom of two young sons, I found myself fighting depression and gaining a lot of weight. After getting remarried and giving birth to our two beautiful daughters, the pregnancy weight just wouldn't come off, and the stress of having both girls diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum added to the challenge. I was also impacted emotionally by four miscarriages and several deaths in the family. Although I exercised daily, food was my comfort.

The toughest loss was when my oldest child passed away unexpectedly in March 2007 at the age of 19. Three years later, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. As we listened to his surgeon discuss prognosis and treatment, I was totally terrified. I realized that he had to fight to stay alive, and I was eating myself to death. I made a vow that once he was declared cancer-free, I would start my weight loss journey.

I knew I wasn't able to lose the weight on my own and I needed help. I also knew surgery wasn’t a quick fix or an easy answer. It would be a tool to help me on the road to achieve my weight loss goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My husband was a huge supporter of my decision to undergo surgical weight loss, and has remained my biggest cheerleader. After his final cancer-related surgery in 2011, I knew it was my turn to take care of myself.

I went to see my primary care provider to obtain a referral for EMMC's Surgical Weight Loss program. I attended the information session and support group meetings at EMMC. As I listened to one of the program's bariatric surgeons, Dr. Fariba Dayhim, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge, caring, and sense of humor. I knew I wanted her as my surgeon. I completed the necessary pre-op evaluations and met with Dr. Dayhim to discuss all of the available surgical weight loss options. I had my adjustable gastric band surgery on October 18, 2011 and haven't experienced any problems.

My weight before surgery was around 245 pounds. At my heaviest, it was 265. I now weigh 142. To keep me on track, I attend EMMC’s Surgical Weight Loss Program Support Group at Inland Hospital.
Physically, I feel awesome! I had previously underestimated how much space my body took up. I no longer bump into things. I no longer need to shop for clothes in the Plus-size section. I can wear a skirt without my thighs rubbing together. And I no longer dread having my picture taken!

Eating healthy food and exercising has boosted my immune system. Aches, pains, and colds have been greatly reduced. Since I am carrying around less weight, it is much easier on my joints. I was also able to stop taking blood pressure medication.