Becky’s Weight Loss Success Story

The road to managing your healthy weight is not a straight line. It is full of hills and valleys, times of pure joy and times of horrible frustration. I work very hard at following the principles set forth in EMMC’s Surgical Weight Loss program. It is now my foundation and my guide.

As I progress further into the post-surgical years, I find this simple approach to be true: if you follow EMMC’s Surgical Weight Loss plan, you will have success. It is really that simple. The team at EMMC made its commitment to me to provide me with information, tools and support for my entire journey, and I owe it to myself to be committed to this program.

As I monitor my health, attend support group meetings, and admit when I find myself struggling, I can move through frustrating times. Being truthful about the issues that may take me off course is key, because surgery is not a magic bullet that fixes everything. Sometimes I am disappointed and I may not make the best health choices due to stress. But I work every day to stay focused, but not obsessed. I work toward being happy with my weight loss journey but I allow myself to be human, and know that it’s not always going to be perfect.

I have never spoken to anyone who regrets having surgery, even those who had difficult complications. But I have met people who do not follow the post-surgery plan and do not see the success they had hoped for. Some people are so euphoric in those early months after surgery that they dismiss caution and proclaim they will never gain weight or struggle again. From my experience, that kind of unrealistic perspective can lead to disappointment. For my success, I have had to find a balance between joy with no caution and being prepared for life’s challenges.

Making this life choice has brought me such proud moments. I have lost 100 pounds and maintained that loss since surgery. My pre-surgery jean size was 24, and now I fit into size 8 or 10. I have made small strides, such as being able to keep up with my grandkids, and I have reached the incredible goal of being healthy enough to run a marathon!

As I pass my 10th anniversary of gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Michelle Toder, I am reminded of my new beginning and how it felt to have a chance to finally conquer the weight struggle that had plagued me my entire life.