Common Pelvic Floor Disorders

The most common pelvic floor disorders include:

Pelvic organ prolapse
Prolapse means the muscles and tissues are weak and are no longer doing their job by holding the organs in place. If you are suffering from either uterine or vaginal prolapse, you may be experiencing a feeling of heaviness or fullness, or even a feeling like something is falling out of your vagina. Some women also experience pain in their lower abdomen or pelvis. Other women experience a frequent need to go to the bathroom.

Urinary incontinence
Women experience urinary incontinence when the bladder drops into the vagina. The most common symptom associated with urinary incontinence is a leaky bladder. Other symptoms include frequent, and sometimes painful, urination.

Anal incontinence
Anal incontinence occurs when the rectum bulges into or out of the vagina. This makes it difficult to control your bowels.

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