Partners in Your Care Hand Hygiene Program

At Eastern Maine Medical Center your safety is our first priority. We welcome your help as we strive to give you safe and effective care. The "Partners in Your Care" program helps you to be an advocate for your own health and well being. This program will help to ensure that your caregiver has washed or sanitized their hands before having contact with you.

The program is easy, you just need to ask one simple question to your caregiver, nurse, or doctor before they have direct contact with you: "Did you wash / sanitize your hands?"

Why is hand hygiene important?
Hand hygiene is the single most important hospital procedure for preventing the spread of infection to you, the patient. In fact, it is so important that several governmental and professional agencies list hand hygiene in their quality guidelines.

When and Where?
Ask the question any time your doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker is about to make direct physical contact with you or touches things that are used in your care.

Don’t be shy!
Your healthcare workers are interested in your care and will expect you to ask them about hand hygiene!

Facts About Hand Hygiene
  • Hand Hygiene is the single most important procedure that is performed in the hospital for preventing the spread of infection to you, the patient.
  • Germs that cause infections can be spread in a number of ways. The most common is through hands. Hand hygiene removes germs from the hands and helps protect YOU from infections.
Become a partner with your doctor, nurse, and all the healthcare workers that enter your room by asking them the question…"Did you wash/sanitize your hands?"

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