Instruction for Inpatient Admission and Outpatient Procedure

There are simple steps you can take as a patient to help us provide you with the best care. Go down the check list below of what to do as a patient while being cared for:
  • Notify your caregiver of any allergies you may have (food, drug, animal, latex, clothing, etc.)
  • Do not assume everyone knows everything they may need to know about you. Please share important health information with your caregiver.
  • Make sure healthcare professionals know about any medications or dietary supplements you may be taking when you arrive.
  • If you are admitted to the hospital, having an inpatient or outpatient surgical procedure, or if you are a patient in our Emergency Department, you should be wearing an identification bracelet. This bracelet should be on your wrist or ankle at all times (some outpatient departments, such as CancerCare of Maine, do not require patients to wear an ID bracelet if they are undergoing a series of on-going treatments, such as chemotherapy). Caregivers use the bracelet to double check your identity before performing any kind of treatment. If you are unsure your caregiver has checked your identification bracelet, please ask. If your bracelet becomes lost, please ask your caregiver to replace it.
  • Be careful of items such as glasses, dentures, and hearing aids. These items are small and may easily be lost. Bring a small container with your name on it to put such items in.
  • Do not bring unnecessary personal items, such as valuables and extra clothing.
  • If you are an inpatient, make sure your nurse call button is working. Test it out when you first arrive, while there is a nurse present.
  • If you have a personal advocate, be sure they know how to contact your healthcare providers.