Hand Washing

Hand hygiene is a critical safety measure to prevent the spread of infection, something we’ve known for more than one hundred years in medicine. Still, it continues to be a challenge for hospitals across the country to be sure all employees and physicians wash their hands every time they leave or enter a patient room. EMMC participates in the Partners in Your Care program to educate not just employees and doctors, but also patients and their families about hand hygiene and its benefits. We encourage our patients to be their own advocates, and to ask their caregivers if they have cleaned their hands. And we’re encouraging caregivers to clean their hands in front of their patients to reassure them appropriate measures have been taken for their safety. We ask visitors to clean their hands as well, to help prevent germs from being carried into patient areas on their hands.

At EMMC we have made hand hygiene a top priority and our intention is to get to 100% compliance with our handwashing guidelines. All employees have been trained on hand hygiene and we monitor compliance. There’s no question this is a challenge of national proportion. Changing people’s behaviors and habits is difficult and doesn’t happen overnight. Still at 96.2% and climbing EMMC is on the forefront of hand hygiene compliance in the nation. And with the help of all caregivers, patients, and family members we will reach our goal.