Modernization Project to Bring Latest in Nuclear Imaging Technology to Bangor



(Bangor, Maine) — On May 8, EMMC will celebrate another milestone in its Modernization Project by opening a new space with leading-edge technology and a new, convenient location for Nuclear Medicine, Electrocardiography, and Echocardiography.

Three new nuclear imaging machines will be installed, scanning patients for cardiac imaging, infections, as well as stress fractures for some patients. The machines will reduce exposure to radiation and shorten the length of the scan. Cardiac imaging time will be reduced by roughly seven minutes per scan.

The new machines also produce better quality images, enabling physicians to make diagnoses with more specificity, which could lead to an overall quicker course of care.

“This is state-of-the-art technology that we are bringing to the northern two-thirds of Maine,” says Laura Huff, CNMT, RTR, BS, manager of Non-Invasive Cardiology, Nuclear Imaging, and PET CT at EMMC. “The reduction in time is going to be a much-welcomed change for our patients, especially those who might be uncomfortable or antsy during a scan.”

The new location will bring these interconnected services all under one roof in the Penobscot Pavilion, with easy access on the first floor right by the main entrance. Currently, Nuclear Medicine, Non-Invasive Cardiology, Electrocardiography, and Echocardiography are spread throughout the hospital.

“Consolidating our non-invasive technologies and staff will make it easier for patients because they won’t have to go from one part of the hospital to another,” says Jeremy McCormick, CNMT, supervisor for Nuclear Medicine. “From our staff’s perspective, it brings us all together, which will enhance communication and create a more streamlined workflow.”

“Having new space close to the front of the hospital allows our cardiac patients to get to this imaging space much faster and quicker than our older location, and they won’t be exhausted by the time they get to their testing area,” explains Laura. “May 8 is our go-live date, and we are really excited to showcase this new area of the hospital.”