Eastern Maine Medical Center Use Google Glass to Provide More Personalized Care


(Bangor, Maine) – Eastern Maine Medical Center is pioneering Google Glass-driven technology to reclaim provider time spent charting and maximize patient-provider interaction in the exam room.
During outpatient visits, the seven providers participating in a new pilot project wear an Augmedix Google Glass device, a portable and secure technology that streams audio and video to an off-site scribe. The scribe enters the information into the patient’s electronic medical record, and the recording is then deleted. The provider checks the information for accuracy and signs off on the information entered into the record.
In May, Eastern Maine Medical Center became the first hospital in New England to use Augmedix Google Glass. The technology was thoroughly evaluated to ensure the protection of patients’ medical information at every touch point. Patients are provided information about the technology at their visit, and if they choose to opt out, their provider will turn off the Google Glass device and use a computer to update their information in the medical record. To date, feedback from both patients and providers has been very positive.
“This is exciting new technology that allows the provider to place their full attention on the patient in front of them, while simultaneously providing timely, accurate, and clinically relevant information in the patient’s electronic medical record,” says Michael Ross MD, FAAP, FACMI, ambulatory chief medical information officer, and the project champion.
Augmedix Google Glass is one of many information technology projects underway to transform patient care at EMHS, the parent company of EMMC. In April, EMHS announced a multi-year plan to combine five different systems into a single, integrated electronic medical record.
“In today's world of complex medicine, innovation can help healthcare providers keep the patient where they belong— at the center of the provider’s focus,” says Kyle Johnson, vice president and chief information officer at EMHS. “This is one of many ways EMHS leverages innovative health technology to ensure coordinated, patient-centered care for the people of Maine.”