Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Services (PICC)

Our mission at EMMC is to provide safe quality placement of central venous access (CVA) catheters to enhance clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. Our experienced team of registered nurses supports this through the service of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) insertion. A PICC can be described as a small intravenous tube that is placed in the upper arm and the tip of the catheter terminates in a location of the central venous circulation of the chest (superior vena cava). Our team has had extensive training to maintain the most current level of expertise. Additionally, PICCs at EMMC are inserted with an ultrasound-guided technique, reducing the number of needle sticks and ensuring most accurate placement each and every time. PICCs are typically placed for drug therapy, such as chemotherapy and/or antibiotics, blood draws, nutritional support. Duration of these lines can be from approximately one week to about a year with proper care and maintenance. We take a proactive approach to providing the necessary and durable IV access needed without a surgical procedure. We begin with pre-screening, which includes reviewing your medical history, your intravenous needs, both type and duration. You, and your family if you wish, are given a full explanation of the procedure including any possible complications during our consenting process. All possible methods are used in minimizing any risk of infection. Confirmation of proper placement is typically obtained by using navigation and electrocardiogram (ECG) confirmation technology or taking a chest x-ray after placement. Your provider will work with us to schedule your appointment.