The Baby Club

The Baby Club is a free program for expectant mothers that is designed to make giving birth at EMMC as stress free and pleasant as possible.

When expectant mothers pre-register for childbirth they are enrolled in the EMMC Baby Club. As part of their membership, they get a special card that offers special services-including priority treatment when they arrive at the Registration Desk. Baby Club cardholders will also be eligible for a variety of other perks during their stay at EMMC.

Instead of mailing questionnaires, EMMC preregistration representatives will expectant mothers in advance of their due date. Calls will be made between 8 am and 7:30 pm, with a call back number to be left on the answering machine if they are not at home. During the conversation with preregistration, expectant mothers will be enrolled in EMMC's Baby Club and a Baby Club card will be mailed our. All patients who plan to deliver at EMMC will automatically be enrolled in Baby Club when they pre-register.

As members of Baby Club, when moms in labor arrive at EMMC, they enter through our main entrance (the front door), where security personnel greet them and help them to get upstairs. There is no need to go to the ED.

The valet parking service is available to expectant parents only, free of charge, around the clock-24/7. This allows everyone in the family who is involved with the delivery to arrive on Penobscot Pavilion 5 at the same time.

After delivery, our caring nurses will help ensure you are able to rest and recuperate. During your stay, you will be given the option to have your baby’s photo posted on EMMC’s Online Nursery for family and friends from away to see.

If you are expecting to deliver within the next month and have not heard from pre-registration, call pre-registration at 1-888-973-8900 or pre-register online here.