Infant Security on Penobscot Pavilion 5

The maternity staff wishes to join new parents in providing the safest possible environment for all infants. In order to maintain an appropriate level of security at all times, we ask that maternity staff, parents and visitors adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. All infants must be under direct supervision by the maternity staff or the infant's parents at all times.
  2. Identification bracelets, provided immediately after birth, must be worn at all times by the infant, the mother and (if applicable) the father/significant other. ID bracelets are verified as matching each time the infant leaves the nursery.
  3. Before admission to the Well-Baby nursery, all infants will also have a Safe Place Infant Security bracelet attached to the ankle. This bracelet allows Penobscot Pavilion 5 staff to verify the exact location of all babies on the unit. If anyone tries to remove the bracelet and a staff inappropriately, or the baby is taken too close to an exit door, an alarm will sound and the doors will lock. Just before discharge, your nurse will remove the bracelet and a staff person will accompany you to the hospital front door.
  4. Maternity staff will wear a picture ID name tag at all times. Parents must not release their infant to anyone not wearing a picture ID (unless the person is clearly identified by another maternity staff member). Only parents or maternity staff may transport infants to or from the parent's room. Infants must always be transported in a hospital bassinet.
  5. Parents are advised to notify the maternity staff immediately if unidentified persons are encountered in a patient room, or if any visitor exhibits suspicious behavior.
  6. Your cooperation in this important matter is a greatly appreciated.