Getting You Back on Your Feet

The staff at EMMC realizes that our patients are most comfortable at home. We understand that you don't want to be in the hospital or in a skilled nursing facility to continue your rehabilitation after surgery. Our care managers will work with you to get you home as quickly as possible. It's important to understand that your home needs to be a safe environment for you. It will be a while before you can manage walking up several flights of stairs, for example. If you're going home, you'll need family and friends available to help you out with some basic needs, and to assist with travel to your therapy and doctor's appointments. Your insurance coverage will also play a role in determining the level of assistance available to you after you leave EMMC.

Which option is right for you:
  • Discharge to home with appointments with physical therapy in a clinic
    This may depend on the availability of a therapy clinic close to where you live. If you live in the Bangor area there are many choices including EMMC's Maine Rehab Outpatient Center (MROC) on Union Street in Bangor which offers easy access, full services, and continuity of care from EMMC. 
  • Discharge to home with home nursing services and therapy coming to your home
    If you live in the Bangor area there are many choices including Bangor Area Visiting Nurses on Union Street in Bangor.
  • Transfer to a skilled nursing facility for continued therapy at a more intensive level than would occur if discharged to home
    Most of our patients who go skilled nursing facilities usually stay one to two weeks. If you live in the Bangor region we have made arrangements with Ross Manor to have beds available for our joint replacement patients at the time of discharge.
  • Transfer to Acute Rehabilitation 
    This is usually only an option for patients who have had more complex surgeries, such as doing both knees at once. Patients must be able to actively participate in therapy for three hours a day.
  • If you live outside the greater Bangor area
    If you live outside the greater Bangor and wish to complete your rehabilitation at home or use services or a facility closer to home, EMMC's care managers will assist you in making those arrangements.