Patient Stories

Thousands of individuals come to EMMC each year in need of tests, procedures, or surgery related to their heart. EMMC is proud to be able to offer leading-edge technology to help make their lives better. Below you will find real patients who share their experience with EMMC in their own words.

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Schweikert Patient Letter
The start of 2011 has been very interesting for me and my family. On New Year’s Eve, I experience three episodes affecting my body in ways I had never experienced before. At ten o’clock that evening I ended up at Waldo County General in Belfast. Shortly it was determined that my problems stemmed from my heart and I was stabilized and transferred to EMMC by ambulance.

Once at EMMC I was put into the Critical Care Unit and scheduled for a catheterization procedure to get a better look at the blood flow to my heart. The doctors found I had major blockage to my heart and I would need a triple bypass ASAP… The support from the doctors and nurses, from my family and friends, and from my coworkers was overwhelming. I came out of the surgery riding a river of love. I have been given a second chance. I have new blood lines to my heart-- a permanent fix as long as I take care of myself.

The medical teams at EMMC are excellent. The CCU nurses each became my favorite over my ten day stay. They were extremely attentive, caring and professional. The surgical team, led by Dr. Robert Clough, is second to none. They are a real class operation. The EMMC Family Practice unit let by Dr. Eric Brown was very encouraging and informative, and helped me through every step of the way. There were no more surprises, just tons of love and support.

Working in the heart of Bangor for 28 years has been a wonderful place to have a career. Lately people have been hinting that the Grasshopper Shop is closing because of the tough financial times. About a year ago, my wife and I started planning our departure from Bangor so that we could slow down and get much closer to retirement.The Grasshopper Shop is closing because it has been very successful and will afford us the chance to do new and exciting things.This is a very bittersweet time for my wife and me. We leave Bangor having had a beautiful life here and we will take all the friendships with us and continue to nurture and cherish them.  Thanks to EMMC for giving my life a renewed (or second) chance to fulfill my dreams.

Rick Schweikert, Co-owner of the Grasshopper Shop

Patient Stories
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