New FDA Approved Drug for Eye Swelling


Healthy Living - December 12, 2017
Michael Johnson, MD
Ozurdex is the first FDA approved, bio-degradable drug delivery system for the eye. It is a drug-filled implant injected into the eye’s vitreous, the gel-like substance filling the inside of the eyeball.
The drug (corticosteroid) filled implant is approved for treating adults with macular edema (swelling) caused by retinal vein occlusion – the second most common cause of macular edema, after diabetic retinopathy.
What is Ozurdex?
Ozurdex is an intraocular steroid known to reduce swelling in the macula. This reduction in swelling may help reverse vision loss. The implant doesn’t ever need to be removed because it slowly dissolves over time inside the eye, releasing its medication.
How does Ozurdex work?
The tiny rod-shaped implant is injected into the eye through a very small needle-like application device. While in the eye, the implant dissolves into the vitreous for up to 6 months.