Library Services and Collections

Book Collection
The library contains more than 7,800 books on biomedicine and related fields. The reference collection includes major texts in each medical specialty, and standard reference tools such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and directories. All books are listed in the online card catalog by author, title, and keyword, and are catalogued according to the National Library of Medicine's classification scheme.

Reference books are labeled with yellow tape on their spines and must be used in the library. The "Ready Reference" section behind the front desk contains information sources such as dictionaries and directories. Consumer health books have green tape on their lower spines and are shelved in a separate section. New books are displayed on the new books shelf at the front of the library.

Journal Collection
The library currently subscribes to around 100 print journals and provides access to more than 1,000 online journals. The journal collection spans a wide range of topics in the field of healthcare. Journals do not circulate so that they are always available for patient care requirements. The online journals may be accessed by visiting the library and using one of the public computers. 

Irving Kagan Special Collections
Irving Kagan served faithfully for over 21 years with Eastern Maine Medical Center and EMHS. Through the years, Irving Kagan volunteered as trustee, director, and chairman of the board. His compassion and leadership allowed EMHS to develop a quality healthcare system. A family man, a man of integrity, and a man with keen vision, Irving always conducted business with honor – never losing sight of the trust our patients place in us.  Irving worked to continually raise the standards of patient care while making sure our governance was held accountable. Within the Hadley Parrot Library, special documents, speeches, articles and awards express the legacy that Irving Kagan left to our community and to the EMHS family.

Consumer Health Information
The library has a consumer health book section and also provides online access to MedlinePlus, Gale Virtual Reference Library (an online collection of consumer health encyclopedias), and MARVEL! (a group of databases, with many full-text articles, available to every resident of Maine). Patrons may print out the full text of many publications included in the databases.

Online Information Resources
The library has computer workstations available for use by EMMC/EMHS staff, patients, students, and the general public. Priority is given to EMMC staff for patient care needs. Workstation users can access PubMed, CINAHL, MedlinePlus, MARVEL, Stat!Ref, UpToDate and other online databases. Library staff are available for brief assistance. An appointment with a librarian may be scheduled for more in-depth instruction if desired. Wireless access (EMHS Guest Access) is available to the public in the library, as well as throughout the hospital.

Online Literature Search Services
The Library offers online literature search services, performed by our reference librarians. To request a literature search, patrons may fill out a "Request for Information" form. The Library also offers automatic monthly updates of the literature, called SDIs, to EMMC staff.

Circulation and Privileges
EMMC staff and affiliated users may check out books for two weeks at a time. The general public may borrow books from the consumer health section only. Books may be renewed for a second period if no one else has requested the book. The library staff reserves the right to limit the number of books that may be checked out at one time. Reference books and periodicals do not circulate.

Audiovisual Alcove
The library maintains a VCR and a monitor to allow for unscheduled viewing of videotapes on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Interlibrary Loan
EMMC belongs to various library lending networks that provide journal articles and books based on copyright guidelines and library policies. EMMC staff has interlibrary loan privileges for work-related articles or books not owned by the library. A statewide delivery system facilitates rapid delivery of books from in-state libraries.  In some cases, charges may apply for interlibrary loan services.

Some services may involve fees.  Affiliated (non-EMMC) staff and the public are charged fees for service.  Please check with library staff regarding costs.