EMMC Gynecology Associates of Maine

Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Gynecology Associates of Maine offers a full line of gynecology services for women of all ages. EMMC's gynecologic physicians believe strongly in offering the highest quality of women's health care in a comfortable, accessible, welcoming setting that provides excellent care and exceptional service.

Annual exams (sometimes called GYN exams, annuals, and paps) are recommended for every woman aged 18 years and older. The exam allows a healthcare provider to assess normal development of reproductive organs and screen for certain health problems. It also provides an opportunity to test heart, lung and breast health, and to talk with a physician about any health concerns.

Staying healthy is important and good gynecological care is a key. Women come to Gynecology Associates of Maine for their annual exams because:
  • They want to take charge of their health since many problems that affect women cannot be detected without thorough periodic examinations by a healthcare professional.
  • They know routine gynecological care will help prevent illness and discomfort.
  • The exam is recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for all women aged 18 years and older wanting to be sure they're healthy inside and out.
  • They want a prescription for birth control pills or other methods of contraception.
  • They have symptoms that require medical attention.
  • Most health insurance covers the cost of an annual exam.
Our providers have extensive experience in the operating room ranging from minimally invasive endoscopic procedures to more comprehensive procedures such as hysterectomy. When a woman's need for gynecological care moves beyond traditional services, she has a place to turn for advanced care from a highly specialized physician.