EMMC Foundation

Every Gift Matters.

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to Eastern Maine Medical Center and its many patients. Generous donors, like you, contribute millions of dollars to Eastern Maine Medical Center every year. These donations and gifts directly affect patient care in many different ways including the purchasing of new equipment and materials, and hospital maintenance. A majority of the money raised each year comes from patients and family members who wish to express their gratitude for the care they or a loved one received. 

Please remember, every donation truly does matter. Even the most modest of gifts will help our many patients. 

EMMC wants you to know that your privacy is safe:
  • Information about donors is considered confidential.
  • EMMC does not and will not share information about donors or prospective donors with any other organization.
  • EMMC values the preferences of its donors and has always respected the rights of donors to remain anonymous.
  • Any individual can request to be exempted from receiving any fundraising mail and/or phone calls at any time.

Make a gift

Thank you again for your donation consideration. EMMC’s patients, volunteers, and staff appreciate your support!