Preparing For Your Visit

  1. If you have received health services in another state or country, please consult with our front desk staff about sharing those records with your care team. If you do not have copies, our office can provide a records release form to help you obtain them.
  2. Remember to bring your insurance card with you to each visit and be prepared to pay your co-pay at check-in
  3. Please bring forms requiring your provider’s signature with you to your appointment. We would appreciate it if you would fill in your name and address on the forms in advance.

  1. Write down the name and dose of each of your current medications. Include over the counter medications, such as vitamins and herbal supplements. Bring this list to discuss with your care team.
  2. Write down any symptoms you're experiencing, even if they may seem unrelated to the reason for your appointment.
  3. If you are experiencing stress from a recent life change or personal situation, please share that information with your care team.