EMMC Family Medicine Center and Residency

Every Family Needs a Physician

Treating a small problem early is more effective than treating a large problem later. We promise you up-to-date medical knowledge, superior technical skill, clear communication and caring service. 

Our mission is to focus on the health of your whole family. We have taken care of many families through several generations. We care for mothers during pregnancy, we deliver babies, and we take care of newborns, toddlers and teens. When those children become adults with children of their own, we are still their primary doctors.

As a family health center, we are especially concerned about maintaining good health and preventing disease. Our goal is to create a doctor-patient relationship based on respect, understanding and responsibility.

You will be assigned to a doctor who will be part of a team. This doctor and team will take care of you during the time that he or she is at the EMMC Family Medicine Center and Residency. Because the Family Medicine Residency Program is a teaching program, your doctor spends a lot of time at Eastern Maine Medical Center. If your doctor is not available, one of our other doctors, a physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner will be available to care for you.

Our Bottom Line:
  • You can expect comprehensive care for you and your family members tailored to your needs. 
  • You can expect confidentiality; your medical records are not available to any other healthcare provider outside of Eastern Maine Healthcare without your written permission.
Making an Appoinment:
  • To make an appointment for routine care, please call (207) 973-7979.