Critical Care Transport at EMMC

EMMC’s Critical Care Transport team is integral to EMMC’s role as the regional referral center to the northern two-thirds of Maine. Both LifeFlight Air and Ground are staffed by teams of highly trained critical care nurses and paramedics, who are prepared to respond to emergencies throughout our region.

These teams work with local medical personnel to prepare the patient for transport, and then continue aggressive treatment en route to the destination hospital. When time is the single most precious commodity in a patient's outcome, these services are giving patients and their doctors what they need to strive for the best results possible.

LifeFlight of Maine is jointly operated by Eastern Maine Healthcare in Bangor and Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston and has active clinical involvement from Maine Medical Center in Portland -- the state's three designated trauma centers within the Maine Trauma System. The service is licensed by the State Emergency Medical Service and is endorsed by the Maine Trauma System. Oversight is provided by a board of directors, with consultation from a Clinical Practice Committee consisting of medical leaders from across the state. 

An exciting addition to EMMC's Critical Care Transport team came in 2007 when Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club in the greater Bangor market area raised $175,000 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to purchase a new Neonatal Intensive Care Transport ambulance. This is the first ambulance of its kind for EMMC. It is specially designed for our tiniest, most vulnerable patients, and is the only one in service in Maine that can transport two babies at the same time. It is easily identifiable with brightly colored rainbows painted on each side.