Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)

Required Paperwork

Eastern Maine Medical Center Clinical Education is a member of the Northeast Multi-State Division (NE-MSD), a collaborate group of individual autonomous states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York) providing ANCC- approved contact hours for nurses.  Through NE-MSD, EMMC Clinical Education is able to offer CNEs that adhere to national standards of excellence in order to promote professional competence and high-quality nursing practice. 
Learning needs and styles of learners are taken into consideration by needs assessments conducted prior to programs or past evaluations, as well as measurable objectives for performance and impact on practice outcomes.

nurse planner for the activity is required. Please contact a staff developer to assist in the planning process, and identify a nurse planner. This nurse is a registered nurse who holds at least a baccalaureate degree in nursing, and who has applied to Clinical Education to become a nurse planner.  If you are interested in becoming a nurse planner, please contact us to set up a training session at

Northeast Multi-State Provider Unit Forms
Planning Checklist
Planning Form
Planning Table
COI Form
Accreditation Statement
Disclaimer Statement
Evaluation Summary Sample
Attendance Tracking Sheet and Roster
Approved Provider Gap Analysis Worksheet (Optional)
Commercial Support Agreement (If needed)
Approved Provider Joint Provider Agreement (If needed)
Approved Provider Sponsorphip Agreement (If needed)

Blooms Taxonomy
Nurse Planner Tip Sheet
Commercial Support/Sponsorship Decision Tree
Content Integrity Standards
Writing Objectives
Nurse Planner Orientation

Sample Forms
Planning Form Sample
Planning Table Sample
COI Form Sample
Evaluation Sample
Evaluation Summary Sample
Attendance Tracking Sheet and Roster Sample
Flyer Sample
Agenda Sample