Common Questions

What do I need to take an ACLS or PALS course?
Proof of a current ACLS or current PALS and a current BLS Healthcare Provider Card are prerequisites. This course is designed for healthcare providers involved in the treatment of cardiac emergencies. Instruction includes cognitive and performance standards of emergency cardiac care through testing, simulation scenarios, and practical hands on experience. 

What do I have to do to job shadow a nurse (or others)?
Although we would love to have you visit us and shadow our staff, they are very busy caring for patients and would not be able to give you the time you would like to have. If you are interested in an opportunity to see if nursing or another hospital career is for you, being a volunteer would allow you that opportunity. To become a volunteer, call the EMMC Volunteer office at 973-7851.

If you can't come to us, perhaps we can come to you? Would your class like to have a nurse or another professional from Eastern Maine Medical Center visit and talk about opportunities that may be available. Contact Sheree Tillson in the Human Resource office at 973-7868 and please let us know what classes you need to take in school to obtain your goals.

I am interested in Medical Radiography, what do I have to do?
The Radiology program is held at Eastern Maine Community College with clinical training at Eastern Maine Medical Center. A very strong background in math and science is imperative. The program runs for two years and integrates scientific concepts into working skills through classroom study and intensive clinical experience. The program concentrates on diagnostic radiology, including angiography, and computerized tomography. To request further information, contact the admissions office at EMCC at 974-4680.

If I want to be a nurse, what do I have to take for courses in high school?
You will need the basic science courses, like chemistry, chemistry lab, biology, and Algebra 1. All courses will help prepare you for the science courses you will take in nursing school.

There are two directions you can take in nursing school.

1. There is a two year associate degree in nursing that is offered at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor or at Kennebec Valley Community College in Waterville. Graduation from either and successful completion of your nursing boards will give you an "RN". Although this is a shorter route at the time, you will ultimately want to go back to school to move from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Without the bachelor's degree, there is little upward movement in career choices.

2. The Central Maine area is very fortunate to have two bachelor of nursing programs within a short distance of Bangor. Husson College and the University of Maine both offer a bachelor degree in nursing. This is a four year degree and with successful completion and passing of your nursing boards, you will be a registered nurse. This degree allows mobility in your career choices in the future.