EMMC in the Community

A community is a circle with many layers. EMMC is a community of caregivers, united in the mission of caring for patients, families, communities and one another. The citizens of the towns, near and far, count on us to share our expertise and in turn, members of those same localities guide us in our planning and support us in our growth. For more than one hundred years, the circle has continued to turn on itself as generations of Mainers develop their medical center to meet the needs of the broader community.

We pride ourselves on our integration into the community, whether it is through EMMC’s volunteer trustees, our Citizen Advisory Council, our many community-based health and medical services, or our support of community events or causes. People continuously move between those layers of “community” until it is difficult to discern where one starts and the other stops. Ultimately, that is the definition of healthy community: a group of individuals who share common interests as well as an interdependence that benefits all.