Pediatric Infectious Disease

What are Infectious Diseases?  Infectious Disease Providers

Infectious diseases are conditions caused by microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites

What does a Pediatric Infectious Diseases subspecialist do?

Pediatric Infectious Diseases (Peds ID) specialists identify, treat, and work to prevent infections in infants, children, and adolescents, including those particularly susceptible to infections and their consequences.  We often think of ourselves as “medical detectives” evaluating children with symptoms that are atypical, recurrent or unexplained including:

  •                Respiratory infections
  •                Bone and joint infections
  •                Tuberculosis
  •                HIV
  •                Hepatitis
  •                Meningitis
  •                Infections transmitted by insects and other animals
  •                Antibiotic resistant infections (such as MRSA)
  •                Unexplained, recurrent or persistent fevers
  •                Perinatal infections
  •                Skin and soft tissue infections
  •                Travel and international adoption related illnesses.

Services we provide for children

24/7 inpatient consultation at EMMC and outpatient consultation plus followup care at EMMC Pediatric Subspecialty Care State Street (Webber East on the EMMC campus)

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