Jeni Lloyd

Jeni Lloyd, of Hampden, clearly remembers that day twelve years ago – the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was busy raising two teenage daughters, and at the age of 39, she was determined to beat breast cancer. Diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer, Jeni was treated according to the results of a clinical trial that showed benefit for her and was able to receive all of her care close to home at EMMC Cancer Care.

“Many people asked me why I didn’t go down to Boston for treatment. I had done my research and I knew I was getting the best treatment available right in my own backyard.”

“I’m excited about the Lafayette Family Cancer Center and what it offers patients in the area. The new building is a sanctuary of hope – it’s not just a bigger, better building. EMMC Cancer Care conducts local research, supporting new and promising treatments that will benefit not only local patients but those facing the disease worldwide. Research brings tomorrow's hope to today’s patients.”