EMMC Cancer Care Wins Innovator Award for Use of Real-Time Location System


ACCC-Innovator-Award_Logo.png(Brewer, Maine) – Recently, EMMC Cancer Care received the 2015 Innovator Award from the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) for using technology to improve the patient experience. Those in need of cancer treatment often spend several hours seeing many different providers. EMMC Cancer Care uses a real-time location system to pinpoint the exact location of patients, family members, and staff through the use of small badges, thereby coordinating their care more efficiently.
The Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer occupies 135,000 square feet and is larger than a football field. With any facility of this size, navigation can be a challenge. Since the three-story building opened in 2009, EMMC Cancer Care has decreased patient wait times and streamlined the chemotherapy and pharmacy process for patients. The location system improves quality care and patient satisfaction by letting staff know each step in the patient’s treatment, and even prompts caregivers to check on a patient who has waited for 20 minutes with updates on the process.
EMMC-Cancer-Care_NurseUsingLocatorSystem.jpg“This has been transformative and empowering for our patients in treatment. They love that they never have to go back to a traditional waiting room,” explains Allen L’Italien, RN, executive director, EMMC Cancer Care. “It frees them up to sit where they want, and be near others and socialize or not, depending how they are feeling that day. From lab work to imaging, to seeing a doctor, with our real-time location system, the care team doesn’t need to ask if a patient is ready, because we already know.”
EMMC is one of only six hospitals in the US to receive the annual honor, given to ACCC members who create replicable programs to improve the quality of patient care. The ACCC advocates for multidisciplinary cancer teams and provides quality care information to help hospitals meet the needs of cancer patients.