EMMC Cancer Care Announces New Medical Director


EMMC-Cancer-Care_Rodrigo_Maegawa-MD-(1).jpg(Brewer, Maine) – EMMC Cancer Care announces a new medical director, Rodrigo Maegawa, MD. Bringing expertise in leukemia, lymphoma, and immunotherapy, Dr. Maegawa joined Eastern Maine Medical Center in 2012 as a hematologist and oncologist. In his new role, he will work to advance services for cancer patients in the area, including access to earlier cancer diagnosis and more innovative treatment.
“As cancer treatments evolve, we incorporate the newest evidence-based approaches into individualized treatment plans for our patients,” says Dr. Maegawa. “In addition to factors such as age, genetics, and complex health issues, the stage in which the cancer is diagnosed is very important.”
Mainers in rural areas often do not have access to many specialty care services, but EMMC Cancer Care is working regionally with EMHS system partners to streamline the referral process and remove barriers to the highest levels of cancer care.
“If we can find and treat cancer in the earliest stages, our patients have a better chance to live longer, happier, healthier lives,” says Dr. Maegawa. “When patients see an oncologist sooner, much better outcomes are possible.”
Dr. Maegawa and his team are guiding the effort to bring advanced benefits from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to adult patients at EMMC Cancer Care through an exclusive Maine collaboration. This means Eastern Maine Medical Center oncologists consult with experts in Boston weekly about complex cancers. The collaboration also gives patients access to clinical trials in Maine so there’s less travel and less burden on patients and their families.
To see a cancer specialist, please call (207) 973-7478 or visit cancer.emmc.org.