Debbie Richards, BSPA, RN

Function in the hospital: As the EMMC Heart Care administrator, Debbie is responsible for patient care services in EMMC’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Coronary Care Unit/Cardiac Surgery Unit, inpatient telemetry units, Cardiac Wellness and Telemedicine areas. Her goal is to provide the leadership and guidance that produces excellent patient service as well as high quality integrated cardiac care with state of the art medicines and technology for the northern two thirds of Maine.
The road to here: Debbie grew up in Old Town, Maine and graduated from St. Mary’s School of Nursing in 1978. Debbie found summer employment at EMMC, working as a nursing tech from 1976-1978. In June of 1978 she was hired by EMMC and has since worked in ICU and Imaging. In 1999, Debbie received her Bachelors degree in nursing from St. Joseph’s College in Windham. Since 2004, Debbie has worked as a nurse manager for our Outpatient Observation Unit, Infusion Center, and Cardiac Pre-Admission Testing areas. In 2009, Deb was promoted to her current role of administrator for EMMC Heart Care.

What she’s trying to do: “I am committed to delivering the highest quality cardiac care to our patients," she says. "Our care does not stop when our patients are discharged. These services must be tied back to our communities and primary care offices. Through work with our excellent physicians, allied health professionals, nursing staff and support staff we will accomplish this vision.”

Guiding principle: “I believe in hard work, fairness to all, and doing the right thing the first time," she says. "Doing the right thing, the first time can be more difficult than doing what’s easy. It takes lots of energy and can mean more work and discussions in the short term. But, the right thing and the right results are worth the extra time. My standards are very high and I expect the same standards from all my co-workers, because the patients deserve and are counting on us.”

Proudest accomplishments: “My husband, Ron, and I are the proud parents of two children," she says. "We are proud of our children’s academic achievements but, mostly we are proud of the values they uphold and the adults they have become! I am a proud employee of EMMC. I have spent 40 years here and I am still here for a reason…..I am happy! EMMC is a great place to work and delivers outstanding care for our patients and community.”
EMMC Heart Care