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Is junk food really bad?

Junk foodWhat do you consider junk food? 

  • Fries? No question!   
  • Ice cream? Right again.
  • Milkshakes? Definitely!
  • Cookies? You bet.
  • Chips? Yup!
  • Even donuts?  Absolutely!

Junk food is really any food item that has too much fat or sugar or if you eat too much of it, you get too much fat and/or sugar.  Candy and sodas have high sugar content, and, in the body, these can be converted to fat. 

Fast foods like burgers, fries, pizza and chicken nuggets are all high in fat. Should you avoid eating these food? Yes, a diet high in fats, especially saturated fats that are found in these foods, contributes to clogging your arteries and this increases your risk of heart disease. These high fat foods are even worse when you're not burning calories through exercise. That’s why all sessions in the WOW program include time with a personal trainer.

For more information on the importance of physical activity and exercise.



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