Latest Negotiation News

EMMC and the union that represents our nurses continue to work on a new contract. The union has informed EMMC that it plans to strike at the hospital on State Street, Union Street Healthcare Mall, and Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer. EMMC nurses who choose to strike will be out of work July 13 through July 16.

During the work stoppage, patients will be cared for by highly qualified EMMC nurses and temporary replacement nurses who have the experience and skill to provide the level of care our patients need. We are very confident in their dedication to patients. These nurses will work alongside EMMC nurses and other EMMC caregivers. 

EMMC and the union remain far apart on staffing and compensation. These are national agenda items that the union focuses on at hospitals across the nation. EMMC will continue to negotiate with the union on matters that are relevant to our hospital and communities.

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