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Maine Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to EMMC Rehabilitation Care

Focusing on your full potential

A person suffering from a severe, disabling injury or illness needs special care: an individualized, integrated effort led by a team of rehabilitation professionals.

At Eastern Maine Medical Center's Rehabilitation Care, (formerly known as Maine Rehabilitation Center), we provide comprehensive care for children, adolescents, and adults. Experience and flexibility allow us to treat disabilities and functional problems of almost any origin. Among the most common we see are related to:

Head and spinal cord injuries
Back or neck pain
Acute or chronic pain
Sports injuries
Work-related injuries
Multiple trauma
Congenital disorders
Orthopaedic injuries
Neurological disorders
Rheumatological disorders

EMMC Rehabilitation Care offers multiple levels of care: acute (based at the hospital) for adults and children, subacute (based at the hospital's Ross division skilled nursing facility), outpatient (at the EMMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Center based at the Healthcare Mall on Union Street), inpatient (at EMMC’s State Street Campus), and home based. We also provide outpatient specialty clinics for adults and children with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic disabling conditions.

We are unique in the scope of services we offer. Our rehabilitation staff is the area's best trained and most widely experienced. In addition, Rehab Care is part of Eastern Maine Medical Center, that means whatever additional needs our rehab patients have -- from surgery to nutrition services -- it's all here.

A Strong Recovery

At EMMC Rehabilitation Care, everything we do is designed to help people return to what matters most -- real life. We emphasize education: helping patients, families, and employers understand disabilities and learn what they can do to speed recovery and prevent injury. Once referred to EMMC Rehabilitation Care by their primary care physician, patients begin an intensive process, guided by the skill and expertise of our caregivers and based on their own goals and needs. Day by day, patients progress toward their full potential by...

  • Learning about their disability and how to prevent complications
  • Improving functional ability
  • Acquiring new self-care skills adapted to their level of disability
  • Working with equipment and architectural adaptations designed to make life outside the hospital easier
  • Exploring and coping with changes that may occur in relationships with family, friends, and coworkers
  • Developing a 'can-do' attitude through the achievement of goals

The patient's strengths, needs, and aspirations are the driving force in every recovery. In designing a rehabilitation program, we learn as much as we can about the individual. First, we identify the person's strengths and abilities prior to disability, the underlying cause of the disability, its natural recovery process, and expected response to therapy. We study the home, school, and/or work environments, and the functional requirements they impose. Further, we examine family and community supports. From there, we create an individualized rehabilitation program based on the adaptive skills the patient needs to live as independently as possible.

Then, together, we begin work. Patient, family, and professional team meet often, to share expertise, review progress, and refine goals. Communication, we've learned, is central to the fastest, most complete recovery.

For more information about EMMC Rehabilitation Care call 207-973-8998 or toll free at 1-877-FON-EMMC or to learn more about physicial medicine and rehabilitation, check out our Healthy Living Library.

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