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Intensive Care Unit

Critical Care Connections

Critical care connections2For patients who are injured or critically ill in some local hospitals, EMMC intensivists  provide advice on the evaluation and management of those patients as it is occurring despite the distance. Specially trained nurses monitor heart rates, blood pressures, and oxygen levels remotely using advanced voice, video and data software. Using special cameras that facilitate direct visual and verbal communication, the Critical Care Connection team works with the registered nurse at the bedside to meet the patient's immediate and longer term needs.

Cirtical care ECGEMMC staff watch ventilator settings and wound dressings, review x-rays, lab results and plans of care and communicate directly with the registered nurse onsite. This collaborative, intensive care between the local hospital and the EMMC specialists ensures that patients receive the best care possible and facilitates innovative solutions for specific patient care challenges.

In some situations, patients, initially treated in their local hospitals and are transferred to EMMC for more advanced, intensive care. The use of Critical Care Connections at the local level increases the confidence of patients and their families because they know their EMMC caregivers from video encounters before they arrive they arrive at EMMC.

We know this new technology does not replace a warm touch, a sense of caring, and face-to-face communication with caregivers.  While always important, human interaction is essential during a time of critical illness.  Rest assured nurses will always be available to provide immediate care for your loved one and you.


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