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Combined Heat and Power

What is Combined Heat & Power?

If one the greatest energy challenges facing the United States today is lack of power, what if we doubled the efficiency of as many power plants as possible and got more energy for every gallon of oil, natural gas, or ton of coal they burn? Combined Heat and Power can help us do just that – and Combined Heat and Power also helps the environment, since less heat and fewer emissions will be rejected into the atmosphere.

Combined Heat and Power – also known as cogeneration – increases the efficiency of power plants. Standard power plants effectively use just 40 percent of the fuel they burn to produce electricity. Approximately sixty percent of the fuel used in the electric production process simply goes up the smokestack – in what’s known in its technical form as rejection. Combined Heat and Power uses this “rejected energy” to heat buildings in a surrounding area, such as the EMMC campus. Other uses for this technology include – major hotels and motels, college campuses, shopping malls, and industrial developments.

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